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This is where we'll announce the most recent changes in our company. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

October 2004

We have now expanded! Our familiar bronx location and now in Greenwich Village! More info on our to this site SOON! Please check our contact info to find out more about this new location.


August 2004

"You gotta love" is set to release on September 14th, 2004. You can find prerelease copies at www.dancerecords.com. If you are searching for vinyl copies, you can find them at www.rushhour.nl (they are currently out of stock).

May 2004

To those whom have been signing up to the newsletter, thank you for you various inquiries on our projects.  Currently, there is nothing immediate in the works but there is talk of a NYC summer tour featuring Edwin and Nick in various collaborations.  There is still no word on a date or location which is why it's only been talk thus far.

"You Gotta Love" has been delayed for an autumn release, see www.jaymznylon.com for details.

January 2004

We are happy to announce that Savvy Productions will be putting out a single this May.  the track "You Gotta Love" under rush hour records and bug music publishing. The single was produced by Savvy Productions and Jaymz Nylon (Afrotech, 2000) and features Edwin Soto as the vocalist. You can find a sample of the track in the media section.

Savvy Prod. would like to congratulate Big Break in their successful production of Duchess of Malfi. The pre-show consisted of our very own Edwin Soto on the organ.

We are also happy to disclose possibilities of working  with Sony. Nick Simone and Edwin Soto have sparked some interest with their A&R Dept. and hope that they will be in contact for future business ventures.

December 2003

Thanks for joining us during the launch of the savvy productions website www.savvyrecordings.com.  Feel free to deeply explore all of our services and media samples as well as getting to know our staff.



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