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Music is created through the soul; creativity wills itself from the strongest part of the brain; and the knowledge to put those two things together is born through the deepest section of the heart.   As savvy producers, we thrive on using the every possible resource available to create the best possible sounding track.  With that said, those of you that really need to know what we are using to create some of the most unique, groundbreaking tracks in the biz, this is for you.

Audio Devices

Digidesign's Mbox


Specs include:

  • Two analog inputs and outputs, featuring Focusrite mic preamps
  • Pristine 24-bit signal path from input to output
  • 24-bit stereo S/PDIF digital I/O (RCA)
  • Separate source selection (MIC/LINE/INST) and gain control per channel
  • 48V phantom power
  • Hi-Z input for instrument pickup
  • Two analog TRS inserts
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Balanced/unbalanced connections
  • Headphone output with dedicated volume control
  • 100% USB* powered
  • Pro Tools LE software



Yamaha Promix 01 (16 Channel)

  • Frequency  Response 20 Hz-20kHz+1, -3dB (@+4 dB into 600)
  • THD Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20 kHz@+14dB into 600)
  • Dynamic Range 105 dB typical
  • A/D Converter 20-bit linear 64-times oversampling
  • D/A Converter Stereo Out 20-bit linear 8-times oversampling Monitor out, Aux sends 3&4 18-bit linear 8-times oversampling
  • Processing Internal 24-bit linear EQ 36-bit linear
  • Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
  • Parametric EQ Low F=32 Hz-1 kHz; G=+/15dB; Q:1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 3/2, 2, 3 oct, shelving Mid F=32 Hz-18 kHz; G=+/15dB; Q:1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 3/2, 2, 3 oct High F=1 kHz-18 kHz; G=+/15 dB; Q:1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 3/2, 2, 3 oct, shelving
  • Effect Types Reverb, delay, chorus, symphonic, flanger, pitch change, phasing, tremolo, auto pan
  • Compressor Types Compressor, Gate, Ducking
  • Faders 60 mm motorized
  • Memories Scenes 50: Internal Effects 30 preset, 10 user Compressor: 10 preset, 10 user EQ Presets: 30 preset, 20 user
  • Meters 2x12-segment LED bars
  • Inputs Input Channels 1-8: balanced XLR-type x8 (+48V phantom switchable). Channels 9-16: balanced 1/4" phone jack x 8. ST In 1/4" phone Jack x 2. 2TR In RCA/phono jack x2
  • Outputs Rec Out Analog: RCA/phono jacks x2. Digital Coaxial: RCA/phono jack Stereo Out Balanced XLR-type x 2 Aux Send 1/4" Phone jack x2 Monitor Out 1/4" phone jack x2 Phones 1/4" stereo phone jack



Audio Technica AT-RMX64: 6 channel mixer/recorder


Specs include:

  • 6 - channel inputs (1/4"or XLR)

  • 2 return channel





Specs include:

  • All the classic dbx sounds in gating, compression, linmiting, de-essing and sidechain EQ

  • The most extensive metering available

  • Graphic representation of signal shows composite effects in real time

  • TYPE IV Conversion System with TSE (Tape Saturation Emulation)

  • 24-bit A/D and D/A convertors keep your signal pristine

  • "Building Block" style operating system lets you build and save your own presets

  • Digital input/output option


AKG C100 Conderser Microphones


  • Battery status LED for reliable monitoring of remaining battery life
  • Can be powered by internal 9 V battery or by phantom power (9-52 V DC)
  • PPC 1000 allows the microphone to be switched from cardioid to hypercardioid pickup pattern
  • Presence Boost Adapter PB 1000 is included for high-end enhancement


RS Unidirectional Dynamic Microphones


Specs include:

  • Impedance:500 Ohms

  • Sensitivity (at 1 kHz):-75 dB (+/- 3dB) (0dB = 1V/Microbar)

  • Frequency Response:100 - 14,000 Hz

  • Cable:16.4 Ft. (5m) Length x 7/32 Inch Dia

  • Plug:1/4-Inch (6.35 mm) Diameter Phone Plug at One End XLR Type Connector at the Other End

Midi Controllers and Samplers

Korg Trinity

  • Sound Generation Method:   ACCESS (Advanced Combined Control Synthesis System)
  • Sound Source:   ACCESS =32 voices, 32 oscillators (single mode); 16 voices, 32 oscillators(double mode)
  • Keyboard:   61 notes
  • Sensitive to velocity and aftertouch
  • Effects:   Stereo digital multi-effect system - 2 master effects and 8 insert effects simultaneously. 14 effects algorithms for master effect and 100 effects algorithms for insert effect.
  • Program/Combination:   56 programs/256 combinations for ACCESS, 64 programs for MOSS, additional 256 programs/256 combinations for ACCESS plus 64 programs for MOSS are available when PBS-TRI optional board is installed.
  • Sequencer Section:   20 songs, 100 patterns, 1/192 resolutions, 80,000 notes, 16 tracks, reads and writes Standard MIDI File
  • Controllers:   Joystick, Ribbon controller, 2 x Assignable switches
  • Control Inputs:   Damper pedal (SUSTAIN), Assignable (SWITCH, PEDAL)
  • Outputs:   DIGITAL - ADAT compatible (option), S/P DIF (option), ANALOG - 1/L/MONO, 2/R, 3, 4, Headphones
  • Inputs:   DIGITAL - Word clock IN (option), S/P DIF (option), ANALOG - 1, 2 (option)Phones
  • Floppy Disk Drive:   3.5 inch 2DD/2HD
  • Display:   TouchView Graphical User Interface, 320 x 240 dots


M-Audio Keystation 61 ES

Specs include:

  • 61-note velocity-sensitive semi-weighted action

  • pitch and modulation wheels; volume/control slider

  • separate MIDI out jack routes MIDI signals from computer to control external devices

Studio Monitors

Samson Resolve 50a

Specs include:

  • Dual power amp (50 watts low and 25 watts high)

  • 5.25" polypropylene butyl surround woofer

  • 1" ferro-fluid filled titanium tweeter

  • Active crossover

  • 1/4" and RCA inputs

  • Ported, tuned cabinet


Pro Tools Le 6.4

(Click to Enlarge)

Used for Mixing, Audio, Midi, Editing and Mastering.

Reason 2.0


(Front and Back Views)

Powerful Synthesizers for an unlimited sound experience


Cool Edit Professional Ver. 2.x (Ad. Audition)


(Multi-track and Single waveform view, click to enlarge)

Features include:

  • Audio recording/editing.

  • 128+ Simultaneous Digital Audio Tracks

  • Limitless Possibilities in digital effects (i.e. reverb, delay, filter, stretch, pitch, noise red., etc.)

  • Multiple saving formats

  • 8,16, or 32 bit sampling resolutions.

Cakewalk Pro Audio Ver 9.03

click image to enlarge

Features include:

  • MIDI/Audio recording/editing.

  • Track console functionality (i.e. pan, mute,vol)

  • Hundreds of Soundfont Software (instruments of all types and samples)

  • Composition editing style

*Sibelius Software (not shown) used for clients with score composition needs.


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